Frequent Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions we are often asked.We hope this is helpful.

What exactly does the Manor House offer?
We offer a comfortable and caring environment to those who require a little extra help and support because they can no longer manage at home independently. As well providing permanent residential care we also offer short-term respite breaks and we are shortly hoping to start a new day care service to give carers in the community a break from caring. However, we are not a nursing home and so cannot meet people’s nursing needs nor are we specialised in terms of dementia care.


Has the Manor House been assessed by Notts County Council?
Yes, we have been assessed as a “Band 5” Home by Nottinghamshire County Council. “Band 5” represents the highest quality of care available in the county.

Does the Manor House offer respite care?
Yes, when we have a room available we are more than happy to accept people for a short term break. If we do not have a room available at the time of your enquiry we are always more than happy to take your details and let you know when a room becomes available.

We have had residents stay with us and find that their health improves to a point where they are able to move out and live independently again.

In May 2023 Margaret said: "Dear Mel, as you know I was not very well when I came in for respite, and it was a great comfort to be in safe hands. I now feel much stronger and able in myself. So I have taken the bold step and bought an apartment. Many thanks to all the staff for all they do"

We also offer day-care respite where a guest can stay with us during the day. We provide all of the meals, unlimited teas and coffees! and an opportunity to join in with the activities. This is a great way of finding out how it feels to spend time in The Manor House and perhaps make some new friends.

What are the fees and can I still come to the Home if I cannot fund my own care?
Our current fees for new admissions are £990/week. The fees are reviewed annually and any increases usually take effect in April.

Our fees do require a third-party contribution above the “band 5” rate funded by the Notts County Council. We are happy to accept residents who are funded by the local authority providing there is someone who can assist with meeting the third party contribution. The Home also has many residents who are privately funding their stay.

How do we meet the individual needs of our residents?
Our ethos is very much around promoting independence and choice within the Home. In order to make this happen a senior member of our care staff will discuss with any new resident and their loved ones how they would like to live at the Manor House. We document this in an Individual Care Plan and the resident can choose to have as much or as little input into reviewing and updating it as they wish. The Care Plan sets out specifically where the resident requires help and where they wish to remain independent.


What makes the Manor House that bit special?

There are a few differences we have that are worth pointing out:

  • We are a not-for-profit charitable trust not a business, so all of our income is ultimately invested in the residents.
  • We are a small care home (currently 25 rooms), so the atmosphere is very friendly and our staff know all of our residents.
  • We are located very close to the facilities of Radcliffe, shops, cafés, pharmacies, doctors, churches, post office etc… and we make a special effort to help our residents keep in touch with the local community.
  • We have some glorious gardens which our residents are free to use. They make a great place to sit out with your loved one. We even grow some of our own vegetables for use in the kitchen.
  • We offer delicious home cooked meals made fresh every day in our 5-star rated kitchens.

What sort of healthcare support is available?
There is a weekly ward round from the local health centre. This gives our residents the opportunity to discuss health issues with an appropriate professional.

There is a private chiropodist who visits each month and there is a private optician who visits to help residents with eye tests and who can provide spectacles for a reasonable price.

What other services are available for residents?

We have a hairdresser who visits regularly.

What sort of activities and outings do you organise?
We have two activities coordinators whose role is to offer a varied daily programme of activities such as quizzes, bingo, sit & be fit, arts and crafts.  We also try and bring entertainment into the Home, for example singers and musicians. Staff will also help our residents to get out and about in the local Radcliffe community to help them maintain social links and contacts.

We have a programme of outings and entertainment throughout the year. This has included boat trips in the summer, trips to local garden centres and entertainers visiting the home. We do help our residents attend the Sunday service at St. Mary’s church (C of E) which is directly opposite the Home. Should a residents wish to attend a religious service in a different church or if you have a different faith the Home will support you with maintaining your spiritual needs.

What sort of food is provided?
We pride ourselves on our kitchen service which is rated '5 star'. We offer nutritious and delicious home cooked meals made fresh every day. Our menu provides a varied and balanced diet and we regularly ask residents for their views on our food.  We can also cater for individual dietary requirements and we are always prepared to offer alternatives to the main menu.

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Do residents have to spend their time in the lounge?
Our view at The Manor House is that everyone is an individual and should be able to spend their time as they wish. For some this will mean joining in group activities and enjoying meals socially, whilst others may prefer to spend more time in their rooms or out in the gardens. Residents are free to choose which events they are involved with. Our meal times can be also be flexible to allow residents to eat in the dining room or in their rooms.

Can I bring my own furniture to the Home?
We encourage all our residents to personalise their rooms and make it as homely and comfortable as possible. For safety there are a few important rules that we have to abide by, for example;

Electrical equipment must be visually inspected by the home’s maintenance person when they are first brought to the      home and before they are used
Soft furnishings, such as beds or arm chairs, must have the appropriate fire retardency and have the label on to prove they meet current regulations.
Any solid furniture must be safe and not too large for the room, this is to ensure there is sufficient space for staff to work safely using equipment should the need arise.

Can I administer my own medication?
This may be possible following the completion of a risk assessment to ensure that you are aware of what your medications are for. If the assessment is that you are able to self-administer medications there are some strict rules that you need to abide by. For example, you must keep your medicines in a locked box or drawer at all times and never share any of your medicines with other residents in the home. Any questions or doubts about medicines? Always ask a member of the staff.

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Can the care staff help me with my medication?
If you do not want to administer your own medication or cannot do so safely then the care staff at the home are trained and able to support you with this.

Medications need to be treated with great care. Please always mention to staff should your relative asks you to bring in any kind of medication (including things like Gaviscon and paracetamol). It is always safer for it to be prescribed for them and administered in line with the home’s policy and procedures.


What are the guidelines for visiting a resident?
You can visit a resident at any time. If you would like to have a meal at the home with a resident we can make arrangements for this (although advance notice is appreciated to enable theManor House Sign kitchen to amend their catering arrangements).  A small donation (of any amount you are comfortable with) to the residents fund would be appreciated.

Note: Late visiting – we do ask  that if you visit  a service user after 9pm you ring the bell and wait to be let in so that night staff members know there is a visitor in the building.

Can I stay with a resident if they are unwell?
Should your relative be unwell and you wish to stay with them over night we will do our utmost to make you as comfortable as possible.

Are there any rules I should be aware of?

The Manor House is regulated under the Health and Social Care Act 2008. The aim of the Act is to ensure the safety of all of our residents. As you might expect the Act covers a wide range of areas which cannot be covered fully here – but there are three topics we would bring to your attention:

Medication. There are strict rules about how medicines are stored and administered. Please always ask about medicines.
Electrical items. For the safety of all residents, electrical equipment must be visually inspected by the home’s maintenance person before it can be used. Please always ask before bringing in any electrical items.
Cleaning products. The home is only allowed to use certain products and there are very strict rules about their use and storage. Please do not bring cleaning items (e.g. bleach or plug in air fresheners) into the home for use in a resident’s room.

How do residents manage their money in the Home (for shopping, paying the hairdresser)?
The home offers a “cash account” facility to all residents. This will enable a resident to pay for services (e.g. to get their hair done) and buy any items they require. The admin team manage the cash accounts. If a cash account needs “topping up” we either let the resident know (or if they prefer we will contact a relative and they can bring in funds to “top up” the account up again). We do not recommend that residents keep cash in their rooms.

Can I give gifts to the Care Home Staff?
Our policy is that gifts cannot be given to individual staff members.

However should a resident wish to buy a small gift for all staff (e.g. a box of chocolates at Christmas) this is fine, provided the office staff are aware and the gifts book is completed. Usually it is advisable for a relative/friend to bring any gifts in to the home on behalf of the resident as staff would not be allowed to go to the shop and purchase them.

Can I make a donation to the Manor House?

We are extremely grateful for any donations that we receive. If you think you might be able to support us  please contact the Manager.

Can I help the Manor House by getting involved personally?

We have an informal group of volunteers who support our work. It is a fun and rewarding role and people contribute as much or as little time as they wish. If you would like to help please give the Home a call.

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The Manor House is a Charitable Trust – is this important?

Yes it is important. Most residential homes are run as commercial businesses but we are a charitable trust. This means all of the income we receive is ultimately invested in the care of our residents.