Our Future Plans

DaveDave Morgan (Chair of the Committee)

September 2016   “Our priority over the next few months will be to build a new office. The present one is too small for three people to work in effectively and does not allow any possibility for private conversations between staff and residents or their relatives. In addition, its location along a narrow corridor often leads to congestion. The new office will be located between the Wharf Lane entrance and the dining room and will extend out into where the patio area is currently. When this is built the old office will be converted into an interview/sitting room. Various grant-awarding organisations are being approached to help fund this initiative.

Update! The new office is now complete and officially open!Office opening

1st July 2017 – The ribbon is cut!





The redecoration programme inside the Home will be extended to the corridor from the hairdressing room to the annex, and lighting levels in the latter will be improved.

Recent work on the pathway around the Home has made many areas more accessible to residents and a general ‘tidying up’ and planting programme around these paths will be carried out. From Spring onwards the rebuilt raised beds in the kitchen garden area should start providing a supply of fresh vegetables to the dining room. The fountain in the courtyard will be re-commissioned and this area made more interesting with new plants and shrubs. Parking for staff and visitors will be improved by constructing hard-standing between Wharf Lane and the garages.

Looking further ahead, we intend to assess the condition of all roofs (aided by a drone survey!) and draw up a comprehensive repair programme. We would also like to build a summer house in the garden near the wall with the Manvers Arms and will be launching an appeal for funding for this”.